Components & Fittings
When building a railing system, these qualities are not optional. The safety and satisfaction of your customers depends on them -- which is why Lawrence makes components that are far more than just "shiny".

The brass is two times thicker, heavier, and denser than competing brands for strength you can rely on. When fastened with screws, there is twice as much metal for threads to "bite". And you can weld the components without fear of any deformation or reduction in structural integrity.
Foot Rail & Hand Rail Brackets
Gives patrons a foot support when sitting on stools
Flange & Flange Covers
Flanges are used to mount tubing to walls or floors
End Caps
Ball Fittings
Flush Fittings
Flush fittings give a sleek look to your rail system
Counter Tops
Counter posts are ideal for half walls and to keep things from sliding off counter tops.
Square Fittings
Class Clips